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STAND, the student-led division of Genocide Intervention Network, is a network of high school and college chapters and thousands of student activists across the nation committed to the prevention and end of genocide and mass atrocities globally. STAND formed out of the rapidly growing student movement to protect the people of Darfur, Sudan and now works to unify a growing student anti-genocide movement by providing activists with resources to educate and organize in their community, empowering them through an extensive network of impassioned student leaders and advocating for a change in our government’s mentality towards genocide.

The following job description offers a brief overview of a particular position on the STAND Managing Committee (MC), followed by four categories:

  1. Management Duties: These are the essential tasks that each Coordinator will be responsible for completing.
  2. Coordination Duties: Communication and teamwork are key to an effective Managing Committee; therefore, this section outlines the ways in which each Coordinator will work with other members of the Managing Committee (MC).
  3. Accountability Obligations: Coordinators will be held accountable for their duties through the relationships and measures described in this section.
  4. Required Skills: This section outlines the abilities and experience necessary for each position.

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STAND Advocacy Coordinator

The Advocacy Coordinator plans and guides the policy-oriented elements of STAND activism. He/she will maintain a working knowledge of genocide prevention related legislation and other relevant policy issues and translate this information into clear goals and strategies for student advocacy.  The Advocacy Coordinator is primarily responsible for translating policy developments to advocacy actions, be it a stunt in Washington or in-district lobby meetings. The Advocacy Coordinator is also responsible for managing the Advocacy Task Force, which provides coordination for key STAND advocacy initiatives, including the Conflict-Free Minerals Campaign.

The following job description offers a brief overview of a particular position on the STAND Managing Committee (MC), followed by four categories:

1. Management Duties:

  • Be an active leader in and build their own chapter and use it to raise awareness, raise funds for genocide prevention and advocate policy solutions to Members of Congress
  • Develop a clear national advocacy strategy that can be incorporated into STAND's overall priorities and programming to achieve pre-determined policy goals, in coordination with GI-NET Advocacy Coordinator, STAND Staff and the Student Director
  • Provide input on STAND programming so that all campaigns include effective advocacy foci, strategies, tactics, goals, and messaging
  • Anticipate possible advocacy developments and outcomes and prepare contingency plans and strategy adjustments (i.e. a bill gets passed right before the big call-in day)
  • Advise and inform STAND members on all levels about advocacy
  • Draft legislative updates, call-in day scripts, and other advocacy-oriented materials and work with the National Outreach Coordinators to tailor these resources to the needs of students
  • Update SLT on policy and legislative developments
  • Develop creative and innovative lobbying tactics in coordination with other appropriate members of the MC
  • Incorporate processes for tracking and measuring advocacy efforts (i.e. how many people called in on this call-in day?)
  • Manage members of the Advocacy Task Force

Coordination Duties:

  • Work with Outreach Coordinators to assess student advocacy interests, tailor advocacy strategy to meet student interests and needs, evaluate student advocacy efforts, and assist individual chapters
  • Work with the Education Coordinators to ensure that materials accurately portray and effectively promote policy and advocacy goals
  • Work with the Education Coordinator to ensure policies that STAND is promoting are the best course of action for what is happening on the ground
  • Work with Communications Coordinator to ensure that media communications accurately portray and effectively promote policy and advocacy goals
  • Work closely with GI-NET's Advocacy team, the STAND Student Director, and Staff to identify and achieve GI-NET's advocacy goals and develop programs to support those efforts

Accountability Obligations:

  • Support Outreach Coordinators to meet STAND's short-term and long-term policy goals
  • Communicate regularly with GI-NET Advocacy team as primary source for up-to-date advocacy information and advice and to relay student activities and updates
  • Communicate efforts, successes, and challenges directly to STAND via monthly metrics in order to inform STAND's programs and available resources
  • Set a year-long fundraising goal and work to achieve it using STAND's resources and materials
  • Actively participate in weekly MC conference calls
  • Check-in weekly with STAND Student Director and Staff

Required Skills:

  • Strong interest in and ability to grasp policy and advocacy issues
  • Ability to explain complex advocacy situations and goals clearly and accurately
  • Research skills necessary to track and stay up-to-date on legislative developments
  • Adaptability to shifting policy situations and variable student advocacy interests
  • Talent for creative thinking and innovation
  • Experience with student advocacy and organizing

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