Conflict Education Coordinator (Sudan, Burma, DRC)

Conflict Education Coordinators serve as the experts-in-residence for the STAND Leadership Team on their given conflicts. They are responsible for educating STAND’s leadership and membership, primarily through the creation of conflict-specific educational materials, and helping to inform STAND’s advocacy campaigns and programming pertaining to their particular conflict. The AoC Conflict Education Coordinator is responsible for covering those conflicts which may meet STAND and the Genocide Intervention Network’s (GI-NET) conflict selection criteria, but which are not currently targets for STAND and GI-NET’s advocacy or protection efforts. Visit GI-NET’s website to learn more about the Areas of Concern and GI-NET’s conflict selection process.

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General Duties:

  • Create educational materials (including web content, handouts, powerpoint presentations, podcasts, and blog posts) to help STAND’s leadership and membership grasp the history, context, and root causes of the Areas of Concern.
  • Act as an accessible reference for the members of the STAND Leadership Team (SLT) and for STAND chapters regarding all aspects of the Areas of Concern and GI-NET’s conflict selection process.
  • Keep the SLT up-to-date on developments in the Areas of Concern through weekly news briefs and regular blog posts.
  • Actively monitor developments in the Areas of Concern and emerging conflicts on GI-NET’s radar. Raise actionable developments or policy options with the National Education Coordinator for further consideration.

Accountability Obligations:

  • Participate in regular check-in calls with the National Education Coordinator, and with the rest of the Education team as needed.
  • Compile news briefs on the Areas of Concern and send them to the National Education Coordinator on time each week.
  • Maintain regular contact with the National Education Coordinator and respond promptly to questions and requests for materials.
  • Communicate as needed with the Genocide Intervention Network’s (GI-NET’s) education staff regarding developments in the Areas of Concern and any joint STAND - GI-NET educational projects.
  • Be able to devote 10-15 hours per week to the position.

Required Skills:

  • Strong research skills. College-level research experience is strongly encouraged.
  • Strong writing skills, particularly the ability to condense complex information and convey it clearly to a student audience
  • Ability to comprehend and synthesize news stories, reports, policy briefs, etc
  • Creative thinking
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Good organization and time management skills
  • Existing knowledge of any or all of the Areas of Concern and of GI-NET’s conflict selection process is strongly encouraged but not required.

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