Rapid Response


Imagine that you're sitting at your computer reading an e-mail or writing a report when suddenly a small message pops up -- like an IM -- alerting you of a breaking news story from a conflict zone and giving you a way for to take action, right then and there.

Rapid Responders are STAND and GI-Net members who receive these exclusive online alerts from our DC headquarters a few times a month. By opening the alert, Rapid Responders actually help promote the breaking news story to the "Most Read" status on news sites like The New York Times, Yahoo News, and The International Herald-Tribune, ensuring that more people know what's going on in Darfur and other areas of concern.

Articles on Darfur are often hidden in the "Africa" section of media outlets, and they rarely reach the front page. Rapid Responders are changing this, making genocide a priority in the media.

As a Rapid Responder, you will receive breaking news stories about Darfur, Burma, and other areas of conflict. Beside the article will be an easy way to promote the article to the Most Read list of that news source. All you have to do is click "ACT NOW" to push the article to the home page of major online media outlets. If you have just 2 minutes to spare each week, you have time to be a Rapid Responder!

Click the Install button above to install Collactive Web Assistant and become a Rapid Responder today. You can also bookmark the RSS feed if you'd like to receive the Rapid Responder alerts through a newsreader.

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