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    By Rebecca Ljungren, American University STAND

    You may think that a bone is just a part of the human anatomy, but for students at American University last week, it became so much more. On November 28th, the American University chapter of STAND held an all day One Million Bones Marathon. Through this event we are changing the way students learn about genocide. 

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    By Ann Sarnak, Princeton High School STAND 

    Sometimes we get lost in numbers. 5.4 million dead in eastern Congo since 1996. 4 million displaced throughout Darfur. More than 70,000 children abducted by the LRA since 1987. These numbers are staggering, horrifying, and also important: statistics can spur authorities to action and lend credibility and gravity to reports on mass atrocities. But we cannot forget discrete acts of aggression toward individuals, within the scope of mass atrocity, if we plan to prevent it. 

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    These two posts are written by Jasmin Kaur and Brian Browne, from George Washington University STAND. Jasmin and Brian were two of the students who helped hand deliver 777 letters to Bob Schieffer’s office, pressing him to ask the presidential candidates how they will prioritize mass atrocity prevention during tonight’s foreign policy debate.

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    By Krista Mobley, Ohio University STAND

    On the rainy Tuesday evening of September 25th, ten members of Ohio University’s STAND chapter gathered to watch “Sudan and South Sudan 101: The Basics.” With some chocolate chip cookies and delicious zucchini bread in tow, we all met in our chapter leader’s self-proclaimed “man cave.” Aside from the discomfort that title invoked in some members, it ended up being a super successful bonding sesh for OU STAND.

  • 12/19/2011
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    A Creative Way to Showcase Your Chapter’s Support

    by Lily Mathias and Ellie Hamrick
    Ohio University STAND

  • 12/12/2011
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    This week we're highlighting STAND at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. STAND UNC sent a 6 person delegation to the United to End Genocide Action Summit in October including STAND National Education Coordinator Sean Langberg. Thanks to STAND UNC for being a part of the Summit!

    Lorna Morris
    AJ White
    Nicole Chaluissant
    Kat Kucera
    Hanna Kerner
    Sean Langberg

  • 11/28/2011
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    In our next installment of spotlighted chapters, this week we're highlighting the University of Texas White Rose Society, who sent a 5 person delegation to the End Genocide Action Summit on October, including STAND Communications Coordinator Shomya Tripathy and STAND Communications Task Force Blogger Zoya Waliany. Thanks guys for coming to the Summit!

  • 11/21/2011
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    In our continuing series of spotlighted chapters, this week we're profiling University of New Hampshire STAND. UNH sent an astonishing eight upSTANDers to the End Genocide Action Summit in October.

    Thanks to UNH STAND for coming out to the Summit!

  • 11/15/2011
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    Prior to the End Genocide Action Summit, we announced that every chapter that sent 5 or more people to the Summit would be featured on the homepage for a week -- and we're kicking off our Spotlighted Chapter Feature with Goucher College STAND, who sent an amazing 6 upSTANDers to the Summit in October.

    Thanks to Goucher College STAND for being a part of the Summit and for your commitment to a generation without genocide!

  • 10/04/2011
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    Students Gather to Raise Awareness on George Washington University Campus

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