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    Here's all you need to know from the world of gen prev from 9/7 to 9/12.


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    The United Nations, similar to the United States Congress, has time when the body is “in session” and times when the body is in “recess.” Over the latter half of the summer, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) has been in recess. The UN delegates from all over the world are reconvening in New York City on September 16th and the UN General Debate opens the following week on the 24th. Many organizations are organizing around these couple weeks to make sure that their issue is made a priority in the global conversation.

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  • Campaign to Prevent Identity Based Violence
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    Campaign to Prevent Identity Based Violence

    For many of us who are continually confronted with articles, images, conversations, and classes about pockets of social tension in the world, it’s easy to see that patterns of violence erupting from that tension often correspond with patterns of identity. Identity manifests in many ways: race, sexuality, gender, political affiliation, geographic location, religious identification, etc.

  • SD Natasha, Kat, and a friend
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    SD Natasha, Kat, and a friend

    “Who run the world? Kat.” - Beyoncé Knowles 

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    STAND Statement on the Israel/Gaza Conflict

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    This article was written by STAND's Programs Intern Michael Mansheim, a senior at American University studying International Relations. 

    I recently attended a talk given at American University by Linda Bashai, Senior Program Officer in the Center for Middle East and Africa at the United States Institute of Peace. She spoke concerning recent events in Sudan and South Sudan, focusing on the shift that had occurred pre-2011 that caused South Sudan to split from the north.

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    STAND has decided to highlight the most important events of the past week by using pictures of important moments, meetings, and life throughout our conflict zones. We have pictures going over events in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Syria, Burma, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan.


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     By David Sanker, STAND Advocacy Intern

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    The opinions expressed in this blog are from STAND's Policy Coordinator Danny Hirschel-Burns and STAND's Education Coordinator Sean Langberg

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