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    In addition to losing their husbands, children, parents and neighbors, many women, especially in Eastern Congo, have lost their dignity through rape. The UN estimates that 200,000 women and gals have been victims of sexual violence since 1998. And in 2008 alone, 16,000 cases were reported. Unfortunately, the perpetrators are not only the rebels and hooligans, but also the very government forces supposed to protect the civilians.

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    For the Eastern Congolese, peace is clearly not anywhere around the corner. What they might have recently viewed as a liberation offensive on the FDLR by the UN and Congolese military has brought them more grief than they were beginning to settle for. The offensive, code named Operation Kimia II and launched in January 2009, is currently responsible for the displacement and fleeing of over 800,000 civilians, from areas in both the South and North Kivu.

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    DR Congo is a large country, which also happens to centrally located on the African continent. As such, its ongoing conflict has come to involve and affect as many as eight countries, both neighboring and far away. DR Congo borders Congo Brazaville, Central African Republic, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Angola. This blog looks at how some of these countries have tried to manipulate Congo’s conflict and how others have been pulled in by virtue of being African.

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