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  • 02/02/2011
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    First Education Newsbrief of 2011

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  • 11/05/2009
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    The Pledge 2 Protect conference is just around the corner, and 1,000 people are traveling from near and far to participate.

  • Displaced Families, photo by Melissa Winkler of IRC
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    Displaced Families, photo by Melissa Winkler of IRC

    Sixteen humanitarian agencies have been kicked out of Darfur by the Government of Sudan. This action by Sudan will leave about 1 million Darfuris without food, water, or medical aid.

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    ENOUGH logo.jpg

    The Darfur Peace Agreement seems like a long time ago – it was 2006, and the rebel movement showed its fracture lines to the world when of the three main rebel forces invited to the table signed the agreement (the SLA Minni Minawi) and the other two refused (SLA Abdel Wahid and the Justice and Equality Movement).Since then, the rebel groups have split into even more factions – some significant military and political players, and some just random bandits who are using the conflict as an excuse for violence and profit. And every attempt at a peace process since has failed.

  • 12/30/2008
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    Today, take some time to make sure that Sudan is a top priority from Day 1 of Barack Obama's presidency.

    Join student activists across the country by calling 1-800-GENOCIDE to speak with your Senator's office.

  • 12/04/2008
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    Congratulations to everyone who had a successful STANDFast! I am so excited to hear about everyone's events - I counted more than 40 events on facebook alone on December 3rd! I know there were many more events that took place before the 3rd, and guess what - you can still host an event! It's not too late!

  • STANDFast 2008
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    STANDFast 2008

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    This past weekend at STAND’s National Student Conference, many of you attended the “Introducing Congo” panel and heard from experts about the ongoing conflict in eastern DRC. Throughout the rest of the conference, and during the workshop on STAND’s evolution into a multi-conflict organization, I heard from many of you who were excited to learn more about the Congo and to discuss how STAND can and should engage.

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    Have you emailed

    The STAND Media Team is ready to help your chapter get the media attention it deserves! Our Regional Media Coordinators - Sejal, Monique, Jenny, Libby, and Kaden - can't wait to meet you; you've just got to email them first.

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