Pledge to Protect: Make your New Year's resolution one of conflict resolution

Make your New Year's resolution early this year by pledging to protect the citizens of Sudan from the threat of targeting of civilians and mass violence posed by the upcoming referendum on South Sudan independence, scheduled to take place on January 9th, 2011. Make your pledge to protect below to show President Obama and the administration you support peace in Sudan.

Interested in taking your pledge a step further and being a rapid responder for Sudan? We'll also keep you updated as the referendum approaches about how you can take urgent action to help prevent a return to conflict and work toward a path to peace throughout all of Sudan.


Check out the latest video from friend and colleague, Emmanuel Jal. Jal calls on us all to be upSTANDers for peace in Sudan - will you answer his call? In Jal's words, "I'm looking for some people who want peace...C'mon everyone, STAND up!"

STAND | 202.643.7238 | 1800 Wyoming Ave NW, Third Floor | Washington, DC 20036

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