STANDFast 2008

Imagine if, where governments had failed, private donors had succeeded by jamming the radio towers in Rwanda that were inciting and guiding perpetrators during the 1994 genocide. On December 3, your STAND chapter can help do what we couldn’t do in Rwanda by taking action to protect civilians.

Current humanitarian aid projects and peacekeeping efforts in Darfur and Burma have been unable to protect civilians. You can join thousands of students and take protection into your own hands right now.

Last Week's Education Call focused on how STANDFast is adressing the current situation in each conflict area. LISTEN NOW.

On December 3, ask your peers, families, and communities to STANDFast by giving up a luxury item for just one day and using that money to support the civilian protection projects. STAND students have been leaders in the fundraising effort for GI-NET’s innovative civilian protection projects, raising more than $500,000 over the past three years. This year, we intend to raise even more money to protect civilians in both Darfur and eastern Burma.

Click here to register now to STANDFast on December 3rd, and make a direct impact in saving lives in Darfur and Burma.

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Click here to download a one-pager on STANDFast

Due to its great success, this campaign is no longer active. GI-NET's Civilian Protection Programs are fully funded. If you choose to hold a STANDFast and donate to STAND and GI-NET, donations will go towards our current projects.


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