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Notes for Hope

My friend and I co-founded this "organization" at our school this past school year and this is the letter we sent to the staff to inform them of our goal. I know it's rather lengthy, but it really is the best summary of our goal that we have: We hope that many of you are aware of the terror and inhumanity that is happening right now in the country of Sudan involving the terrible genocides and war that have previously threatened the south; but we hope even more that you are aware of the fact that you can help. Many of the Eaglecrest High School students and staff participate in the annual Walk for Sudan, which is a great cultural eye-opener. The Walk introducing you to the people and the hardships they must suffer in their everyday lives, including educating people about the Lost Boys journeys. Eaglecrest proudly sponsors a sister school in Sudan dedicated to help educate the children who have some how been affected by these disturbing events. There are many things the Eaglecrest community can do to aid these students. Throughout our experiences, we have discovered that music is a soothing antidote to any hardship, and we figure it can be the same for these people. Notes for Hope’s goal is to bring all the different branches of the performing arts to the less fortunate children around the world, starting with Sudan and our sister school. This includes everything, from band, orchestra, choir, and dance. We want to offer the students the opportunity to thrive in the arts and while becoming more culturally connected. It will also help their minds and spirits as they go through such difficult and trying times; Notes for Hope plans on accomplishing this goal by teaming up with Mr. Gott, Ms. Riley, and the AVID department to help raise the awareness, money, and supplies for the school. Our first mission begins now; there is a planned trip to Sudan this December and during this trip we are hoping to donate our first musical contribution. We are currently accepting any small instruments, beginner’s music or books, as well as reeds. The possibility of accepting cash donations is also being discussed to repair and clean any old instruments that are being donated as well as paying any other fees that may come as we try to accomplish these goals. Also, the people of Sudan are in need of eye glasses, Notes for Hope has volunteered to collect any extra pairs that you might have, to give to these wonderful people. If you are interested in helping our cause, you can find the donation boxes in the AVID classroom (W301) for any instruments, music, or glasses that are being donated. There is also money donations found in the book room, Mrs. Titzer’s office, as well as in the AVID room. These are only the first steps in accomplishing our goal, but more importantly one small step to helping a greater cause. Every little thing helps.

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